Saturday, September 24, 2011

Catchin' Up

Wow! I don't know where September went, but I've been running around like crazy ever since the month started. And now, the end is upon us. I had hoped to write more this month, but life happened and the writing just didn't. I am hoping October will be a little less busy (fingers crossed).

* * * * *
So, I lost 1 more pound last week to make 27 total. I hate that its coming off sooooooo slowly, but better slowly than not at all, I guess.  I always thought when I was a teacher that I had loads of patience...with others, yes; with  myself, NO. Once more channeling Baruka Salt, I WANT IT NOW! My goal this next week is to work on shaking things up a bit. I  think I need to confuse my body into thinking I'm doing something a little different.   One thing I need to do for sure is find a better way to get in all my daily veggies. I love vegetables, but for the past two weeks it's been harder to get them in because sometimes salads just get tiresome...even salads I like.  One thing I know for sure: stasis sucks, and I want to lose more and faster.

* * * * *

Now, I tried 3 new recipes from Mama Pea's peas and thank you.  Earlier in the week, I made my Almost Sweet Tomato's Pinto Bean and Barley Soup with Basil and made recipe # 1, Mama Pea's Cowgirl Cornbread, to go along with it. The kids and DH liked it.  I liked the flavor, but thought it was too dry. That was okay because my plan was to use it for dipping. I made my cornbread  into muffins and not in an 8 X 8 pan, so maybe that made the difference. It was not bad though, just not as moist as I would have liked.

Recipe #2 was Mama Pea's Crazy Good Hummus.  The name says it all because it is crazy good. I made this yesterday in just a few minutes time and allowed it to sit in the fridge overnight so the flavors  could meld.  It is easy to make and delicious to eat. Now, I realised when I made recipe # 3, the Crack Wrap, that I have never eaten hummus warm. Why, I have no idea because it was truly comforting and scrumptious!  I made my crack wraps with a slice of Boar's Head's Vermont White Cheddar Cheese which complimented the hummus perfectly. Man I love that Mama Pea!

I also am making her cinnamon rolls for the kiddos tomorrow morning. I am hoping for a hit with that recipe as well. I'll let you know.

The kids are calling, so be healthy and happy till next time!

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