Monday, July 1, 2013

As Seen On Pinterest...

So, this week I tried to get rust off of my knives by using lemon juice. I only soaked mine for about 3 minutes and as you can see from my pictures below, it worked pretty well. Next time I'll soak a little longer, but how cool was this?  Here is the pin from The Colorless Cottage.


I also tried to make #Mountain Dew glow following this instructional video that I found on Pinterest. DH was calling me "Shannon Nye" as in "Bill Nye, the science guy." Everyone gathered together for what I though was going to be really cool. So, I mixed everything, shook it up, turned out the lights and...we were all sitting there like schmucks in the dark with no Mountain Dew glow bottle. Oh well. I only spent $1.59 for the drink and I figured it was worth a shot.   The kids said, "Epic fail, mom." But I told them its like Thomas Alva Edison once said when reflecting on his failed attempts: “We now know a thousand ways not to build a light bulb” I now know one way NOT to make Mountain Dew glow. You live and you learn. If it had worked, there would have been ooohs and ahhhhs...

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