Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Anniversary to Me!

Today is may 1st. I can't believe it's come so quickly.  So today is May 1st, and it's also my 1 year anniversary of being meat free.

I have been reflecting on this year without meat and I had lots of random thoughts. I have listed some of them here.

I never would have thought  a southern bacon loving girl like me could be a vegetarian, but it turns out I can.

I feel better physically since going meat free and have had virtually no stomach problems in that time. This is huge for me because I have had tummy issues my whole life...even as a small child.

I still cook meat for my boys, but they eat way less red meat than they used to, and I buy only grass fed beef that is not plump with hormones. I like the smell still of a good roast or a steak and, yes, bacon (OMG!), but I have no desire to actually eat it. I think you can actually lose a taste for something... maybe.

I realise now that I am free of lots of processed foods and all their additives and chemicals, that I can actually taste foods' real flavors. It's really amazing how different food tastes to me now...how much better!  It's true.

I lost 30 # last year going vegetarian and exercising.

I have made many positive changes towards better health for me and my family this past year.  Two of my kids even ate salad yesterday and liked it! Wonders never cease... I see my children making better, healthier choices every day, and I can't help but think that it's not due to me and my husband's healthier lifestyle choices that we are modeling for them. 

Overall, because I am feeling better, and because I have made exercising a part of my lifestyle, I am more active on a daily basis. I don't like just "sitting around" very much, and I try to get out everyday to at least walk a little bit.

I have become more knowledgeable about healthy foods and nutrition in general, and I have begun accumulating some really good vegetarian recipes. Some I even made up on my own.

I look forward to even more positive, healthy outcomes throughout this next year.


Amy said...

Congratulations! What an awesome milestone!- Amy

Anonymous said...

Mom said ....Hurray for my first born child! You are an inspiration to lots of folks for lots of reasons! Happy anniversary to you!!!!!! love you, MOM