Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Everything in Moderation?

Before I started this healthier eating path I'm on, I always felt like the quote, "everything in moderation..." pretty much summed up my beliefs about eating. And there is some degree of truth to the statement...but there is so much more involved than I ever realised, and even more I'm sure that I haven't learned yet.
  Maybe, the statement should be "everything healthy in moderation...." For example, I just assumed that vegetarians and vegans were super skinny and that's not always true. Even non meat eaters can over indulge in foods, even food they allow themselves to eat. At first, I just went vegetarian, and in doing that, I naturally ate less because I was filling up on more satiating, more vitamin enriched, and more fiber rich foods. All  good things. Now, I am working even more on portion control (from Web MD), since most of us Americans, whether meat eaters or not, tend to over eat. "Super size it" has become the standard, not the norm. It is a better value after all, right? Maybe for the pocketbook only, but not for health. I believe, for me at least, that I can totally still over eat foods that are good for me.That is what I am trying to avoid. Besides, I have always heard that eating less for a lengthy period of time would shrink your stomach, thus, you wouldn't want as much as you once did.  I'm not sure if that's true or not, but even if it's not, it sounds good to me. Less calories in and more sweat out. That's the key.
 One interesting thing I have found in eating healthier and not just vegetarian is that I find myself really questioning my own food choices. This can be good and bad. And, I am not a food prude, but when I order a Subway veggie sub, I almost always get baked chips with it. Of course, I am better off without them, but they are baked and keep me from reaching for another worse chip choice.  And I want chips with a sub sandwich. Conditioning? Probably, but I want it. I am always searching for healthier alternatives for those foods that I can live without, but don't want to. I mean if I'm going to eat chips, baked chips are  better than other choices I could make. An even better choice is probably to have a healthy soup or piece of fruit with my sandwich, I know. But sometimes, I need  chips. period.
What we have to do, is forgive ourselves when we maybe don't make the healthiest of food choices. We are human, after all, and none of us is perfect  100% of the time.  "Everything healthy in moderation."  That I can live with.


Anonymous said...

good saying-better than the other onMade mamapeas broccoli salad a crack sand--excellent! I tweek some recipes and do not get all veg. ing. but it is still healthier than the originals (mine,not hers).Keep up the good work! mom

shannon said...