Friday, August 12, 2011

Learning Doesn't Just Occur in School

I've learned a lot since becoming a healthier eater.  I've learned even more since I became a vegetarian.  I expect to learn even more as my healthier lifestyle progresses. 
Here are some (a few) things I've learned:

  1. I don't need meat. Not only do I not need it, but I feel better physically not eating it. Will I ever change and become a pescatarian and allow myself fish, or will I ever go back to being a Nutritarian and eat lean turkey and chicken?  Right now, I don't think so, but down the road, who knows where all of this will lead. I sometimes think, "Wow, that fried chicken smells so good," but I still don't want it.  The whole thought of eating meat makes me a little nauseous to be honest. And the funny thing is that for me it is not an animal rights or moral issue, it's simply for health reasons.
  2. Processed foods mask the taste of real foods. I  am constantly surprised at how sharp and crisp the flavors of certain fruits and vegetables really are. Now that I'm not eating all the partially hydrogenated oils and freaky additives that tend to be in processed foods, the real food I eat tastes so much better to me. Even celery has a subtle flavor that I never knew it had, and fruits taste sweeter.
  3. I like greens, and you don't have to cook them with ham hocks! This recipe is proof positive of this. I never would have thought it was true. Being a southern girl, one thing I've always known is that pork fat does rule, as Emeril always says. Pork butt or hocks infiltrated many foods I grew up with, and I admit, I loved them. I am now learning that foods taste better to me when their true flavors shine through. And greens and beans (soup included) don't need pork to be delicious.
  4. Preparation is the key. I am a big believer in the 6P principle:  Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance...I can't tell you all the time and energy I have invested in searching for recipes and creating healthy meals to help aid in our healthy lifestyle change. It has been like having a full time job, to be sure. I gladly do it, but we could not be as successful without all this planning. I am still planning, trying to keep things interesting and new.
  5. Sweat is good.  I hate to sweat, as many of you know, hate it with a passion! However, as much as I hate it, I feel better after exercising.  So, while I still HATE it, sweat is  good. Period.  I really hate to admit it.


Tricia said...

I am so proud of and excited for you!!!! GREAT post:)

Anonymous said...

Iagree with Tricia.Thinking about Thanksgiving-what will you cook then? I have been trying to have at least 3 veg. meals per week. So far everybody likes them.Did make mama peas choc.pie--didnnot like it. Love quinoa cereal(flakes in abox)-great taste! Keep up the good mom