Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Favorites

The past 2 weeks I returned to to log all my food choices. With the exception of a time or two (Internet problems), I have been posting regularly. I had not been on myfitnesspal for awhile but now, I am loving it more than I ever did for two reasons:  the bar code scanner (quick and easy) and the nutrition circle graph. The bar code scanner is great when adding foods to your diary because it scans the bar code, finds the food, and automatically brings up the nutritional information for you. Your only job then is to accept or change the serving size based on how much of a food you have eaten. It's great. Easy peasy. I also like the added nutrition circle graph (see right) As you log your food it adjusts your ratios of carbs, fat, and proteins. You can see how much of each type of food you consumed and what your consumption goal should be....very helpful I think.  I also love the mobile ap which allows me to use my iphone to do everything. I have tried a lot of food tracking systems and nutrition sites where I can log my eating, but by far, is my favorite. 

My favorite banana:  I have discovered that for some reason Trader Joe's organic bananas last longer than any other type of banana I have tried and they taste great. At 29 cents each, I think they're a bargain.

My favorite sweet treat from Trader Joe's is the dark chocolate caramel wedges. They taste similar to rolos. I don't get them every trip and I don't eat them often, but they are great to have around for a quick sweet fix....

My favorite quick protein  (other than nuts) is Kroger fat free cottage cheese.  I don't drink milk, but I really enjoy my cottage cheese. At 15 g of protein per half cup, no fat, and low low sugar, I can't beat it. Plus it isn't very expensive. It's not for everybody, but it is for me.

Do you have a food favorite from this week or a new food related find that you're excited about?

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