Sunday, January 30, 2011

Food Coup

Getting my kids to try new things is a real trial, and if it's something they know is "healthy," I will inevitably hear groaning....especially from my oldest child who is 13.  Once in a great while, I will get blueberry waffles for the kids. I've always liked Van's brand, which are nutritionally sound and tastes great, so that's what I got for them this week. I thought it would be a nice treat for Sunday breakfast, so this morning that's what they all had for breakfast.  I told the twins they were a "new and improved" version of the same waffles they always get, and boasted, "Wow!  Aren't they good?"  They both said yes and gobbled them down. Two kids down and one to go.
Later, when my teenage son was ready to eat, my husband toasted him some touting , "These are like Belgium waffles and you like Belgium waffles, so I think you'll really like these."  He did like them and even asked me to make sure to buy them again. Score!

Mom's Review:  Pricier than regular frozen waffles, but better for you and more filling.One box contains 6 waffles and easily fed my 3 boys.
Below is the ingredient list and nutritional info obtained from Van's website, .


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