Friday, February 4, 2011

Recipe Review - Moosewood Black Bean & Sweet Potato Burrito

In our quest for better health, we are trying a lot of new recipes.  Wednesday night we tried the Moosewood Lowfat cookbook's Black Bean & Sweet Potato Burrito.  I was very excited to try this recipe since I llloooovvveee Mexican food and because I have been hearing from friends and family how well black beans and sweet potatoes go together.
I was dubious during the cooking process since the recipe called for a lot of coriander and cumin. I like both spices, but I was afraid they would be overpowering. I was right. But, there were other issues as well.  I liked the flavor of the mixed beans and potatoes at first , but the after taste was horrid. And the recipe made a ton!  Even after I filled my burritos, I had enough filling left that I could have made the recipe all over again. If we had liked it, I would definitely have cut the filling in half for the next time I would make it. We ate it, because it was not inedible, jut not very good. It is not a keeper for us.
It has given me the desire though to come up with my own black bean burrito or other healthier Mexican recipe. I'll keep you posted as to what I come up with.

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