Thursday, June 16, 2011

Michelle Obama's New USDA Food Plate

I love Michelle Obama. I will say that up front. And I think her dedication to her Let's Move campaign to combat childhood obesity is amazing and admirable.  Recently, Mrs. Obama and the USDA teamed up to present,  My Plate , the newest healthy eating visual that replaces the old food pyramid.
 It definitely, in my opinion, is a better visual than the food pyramid, and more readily understandable for young children, in particular. I think it is a good visual to make kids think more about the balance of their meals and portion control. My only criticism is that I would not have separated fruits and veggies. I would have made that whole side one color and label it fruits and veggies. Still, it is a great visual to try to get people and kids in particular to eat better.  As with any new change, there is alot of controversy surrounding the plate , namely by vegans, vegetarians (I am currently one), and others who eat  a plant strong diet. From what I have read they are upset that the protein section seems to still imply meat, a very contentious item in it's own right, while beans and legumes seem to have been left out altogether.Also contentious is that dairy still has a place in the visual.   Below are two links to read that discuss the new My Plate in case you're interested in learning more. Both links have some good information and interesting criticisms.
Disease Proof By Dr. Joel Fuhrman
My Plate: Peas and Thank You

Personally, I think that anything you can do to try to create a healthier America is okay by me.  Not everyone is at the same place in their healthy life journey and that's okay. What's important is taking steps to make your life better and healthier. My Plate may not be a perfect plate, but in my opinion, it is a big improvement over the old food pyramid visual.

What are your thoughts on My Plate?


Shannon said...

Here's another article I got in my mailbox today. How timely. It too, is an iteresting read...

Anonymous said...

I like the new foodplate.Think that veggies and fruit should be separate because of the sugars in fruit.Put them together and most people would go heavy on the fruit and do less veg. It is so much better for child. to see and easier to understand than the pyramid. love mom