Saturday, June 11, 2011

Living the Healthy Life: Bits and Pieces

~ ~ ~I have decided, in my seemingly elusive quest for the number on the scale to change, that I must change some things up. I am exercising more (yay me!) and while I feel like I'm losing (or maybe it's just redistributing itself), something has to give. So, one thing I'm doing is going back to my personal meal planning sheet that I used some years ago when I did the South Beach Diet.  You can find it here.  Just click on "7-Day Menu Planner" and it will come up for you to print. Thanks to MizFrog's Pad for this handy tool.  I want to go back to this because I realise that not planning lunches is causing me issues.  I plan all my other meals, so lunch shouldn't be any different. Besides, by planning lunches as well as my other meals, I can get a better picture of my daily nutritional layout to make sure I'm getting enough veggies (I think I need more) and to keep me more nutritionally well balanced. I also am cutting down on cheese. I am still eating it, just less of it.  Hopefully, these steps will help me get closer to my goal.

~ ~ ~I think that Lara bars suck. I skipped lunch(accidentally) today, so while at Trader Joe's, I picked up a cashew cookie Lara bar.  My sister swears it is her favorite one, and since it is one flavor I hadn't tried yet, I decided to give it a whirl. It didn't taste bad, it just didn't taste like much of anything.  I haven't liked any of the flavors I have tried.

~ ~ ~  Light bulb:  I went shopping this weekend and was slapped in the face with the realization that no adult woman should be a size 0. NO ONE. Nothing pisses me off more than to see a size 0 printed on a clothing tag.  Just my personal opinion.

~ ~ ~ I am anxiously awaiting Mama Pea's Cookbook.  It comes out in July...very excited!
Check out Mama Pea's website here.  She is funny and has great stories and recipes to share.

~ ~ ~ I think that large, metropolitan areas like Phoenix should have more than 1 theater that shows Forks Over Knives.  I really want to see it.

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