Friday, July 22, 2011

Head Games

Quote of the day:
May they never hear me coming
by the swooshing of my thighs!

So, one of my favorite bloggers, Wendy, from healthy girl's kitchen, is rereading The Beck Diet Solution by Judith S. Beck.

Wendy says it's a book to help in "retraining your brain to think like that of a thin person."  Sounds like something everyone who struggles or has struggled with weight issues should check out. I certainly plan to. According to Wendy, one thing the book suggests you do first is to make a list of all of the reasons you want to lose weight, placing the most important reason at the top. I've seen a similar type of activity mentioned on several weight loss websites.You're supposed to reread this list throughout the day as well, I'm assuming , to keep you motivated and on trackAnd whether you share this list with anyone else, I think having clear goals gives you stronger purpose.  So, I'm off to make my list.  Maybe you will make one too.  I'm going to read the book, but I may not do each activity. Wendy will be chronicling her trip through the book in her own time on healthy girl's kitchen. If you're interested, check her out. Her website is great.


Healthy Girl said...

Hey! Thanks for mentioning this. I do want to mention that my blog is Healthy Girl's Kitchen ( and not Hungry Girl's Kitchen. I'm getting a kick out of that though, because the reason I named myself "Healthy Girl" was actually a rif on "Hungry Girl." My experience with a plant based diet (as opposed to one filled with processed garbage a la Hungry Girl) is that you don't feel like a hungry girl, you feel like a healthy girl!

Shannon said...

Sorry, Wendy. I tried to correct that last night, but I guess my computer had other ideas. LOL. It is now correct in both places :) I definitely want to send people to your site since I love it so much.It's on my "Blogs I Love" list too...and I double checked.That one is correct. Thanks for taking the time to comment.