Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Very Excited!

I got 2 new books in  the mail today: one I was anxiously awaiting, and one was a surprise. That's always fun to get a surprise. The first book I got was my pre-orederd copy of Mama Pea's new cookbook (see below). 
I am so excited that my copy has finally made it's way into my kitchen. I did my first perfunctory "thumb through."  Next will be my longer look, including reading what text comes before some of the recipes. That Mama Pea is always funny and often insightful. She's also very real and down to earth which is probably why I love her blog so much. Every time it is delivered to my inbox, I find something about her entries that I can relate too.  If you are into healthy eating or just interested in being a little healthier than you are, you will probably love her book and definitely her blog. I'm going on and on, but I am a fan. My sister, Tricia, first introduced me to Mama Pea several months ago and now our mom is also a fan since Tricia and  talk about Mama Pea and her recipeas so often. I am very excited to try some of her recipeas to see if DH and my kiddos will enjoy them.  I am always looking for good food and recipe ideas since DH and I are doing the vegetarian thing.   I think this book will fit into our new lifestyle perfectly. I got my book today...Yay!

The second book I received today was from a distant cousin of mine. Through our genealogical research, we realised that we are indeed related. Recently, I shared some family information with her and spoke to both her and her husband on a long distance conference call so we could meet "ear to ear." They are wonderful people. So today, out of the blue, she sent me the book below.

I am very excited to get this because you never know what you might learn that will help out in future searches. Debbie said she picked one up for herself and thought I might like one too. How super sweet of her to think about me!  One thing for sure, I have met some of the nicest people ever on my genealogical journey.

Two new books that I can't wait to dig if only I had the time to start right now!  I love the mail lady today!

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perfunctory...great word!

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