Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Let's Get Physical

So, we bit the bullet and moved on to the next phase in our journey to better health and wellness by joining an exercise gym. I really like the idea of joining a gym, but now dammit, I really have to go. And, they're open 24 hours, so it's not like I can complain about not being able to fit it into my schedule. So with free classes, no contract, a convenient location, and 24 hour access, I am finding it hard to make excuses. I don't like to sweat doesn't work as an excuse anymore either since I live in the desert where just a few days ago it got upwards of 118 degrees, and, in Phoenix in the summer, we are always sweating anyway. Even thinking of going to a gym again makes me start to hear Olivia singing "Physical." I hope there's no sagga bagga though :)

Today, I got a  yoga mat, and a small duffel bag as well as two tummy trimming brassiere reinforcing exercise tank tops (love them). The task now is to search for the perfect exercise bra (gotta support the Ladies after all).  I have been shopping for one without any luck. It is now, that while I normally like my ample bosom, that  I would kill to have just a little  less so I could find a bra that fits without too much rigmarole. 

I'm mapping out my classes now and making my schedule for next week of when I will go workout. My goal is 3 X a week. On my off days, at the very least, I plan to ride my bike and/or do my exercise walk DVD. When the kiddos go back to school and my schedule settles a little, I am going to see a personal trainer for tips to target the areas I want to focus on the most.

I probably would not join a gym by myself, but as with anything to do with losing weight, it's better with a buddy. Even if DH and I don't go together , we can keep each other honest by talking about it, mapping out strategies, and making sure each other is following through.  What we will give to each other is accountability and peace of mind in knowing that we are not doing this alone.

And, as with most things in life, everything is better with a friend.


Uncle B said...

Get a playlist on your iPod that you love and that you can't not move to, set a regular time throughout the week, as if you had a 1 or 1.5 hour with the President (something you'd surely make)and make all other plans around this 'meeting,' if you will. Put your ears in and pump your playlist, and let it be your time and your gym. You do your thang and others just happen to be around and sadly, lack the ultimateness of verve that you do. :) Que disfrute!

Shannon said...

already done.:) Thanks for always reading. I'm not the writer in the family, but still...thanks.

Tricia said...

I am so excited about this!!!! You will love it I'm sure! I agree with the music part. I have a feeling you will learn to love the gym:)So proud of you guys!!!!