Monday, February 20, 2012

Salad Fixins

So, over the past few weeks, I have been recommitting myself to the Big Salad.  I like salads, but they always seen to bore me after awhile. I think it's because I don't offer myself enough salad variety. So, I am not only recommitted to the Big Salad, but also recommitted to trying to keep it interesting.  Tonight I made just 2 additions to my normal green salad tonight, pine nuts and cherry tomatoes,  and it was very tasty.  So, not ony am I going to try to vary my salad ingredients, but I am also going to try some new dressings like Mama Pea's cinnamon vinagriette or one of Healthy Girl's no oil salad dressings. My favorite store bought dressing is currently Maple Groves Fat free Wasabi Dijon dressing. It's delicious. My goal is to eat some salad every day.

So what do I put on a green salad? Here's my big list of ingredients to choose from:

romaine                                                                               chopped cauliflower & broccoli
spinach                                                                                celery
field greens                                                                         nuts: pinenuts, walnuts, almonds,pecans,
mixed  baby greens with herbs                                                            sunflower seeds
carrots                                                                                beans
cucumbers                                                                          onion: green, red sweet, etc.
radishes                                                                             mushrooms
tomatoes                                                                            edamame
apple                                                                                 hard boiled egg
TJ's Golden Berry Blend                                                  green olives
cheese cubes or shreds                                                     raisins
homemade whole wheat croutons                                    TJ's roasted corn

What's your favorite salad or dressing? How do you keep your salads interesting?


Kristen @ Change of Pace said...

Wait till you try that cinnamon dressing. It's amazing! It's probably one of my favorite dressings. I also like the maple grove fig dressing. My thing with salads is to make sure there's a lot of different flavors going on and to always make sure there is something hearty in it. Like bread, veggie burger, sweet potato. I can't just eat vegetables because I feel so unsatisfied afterwards.

Shannon said...

I will definitely have to try the cinnamon dressing now! I'll put it on next week's menu plan. I know what you mean about making sure there's some bulk in your salad. Without it, like Chinese food, I will get hungry a couple of hours after eating. thanks for commenting!