Saturday, May 28, 2011

Holiday Eating

This is the first holiday I've had to even really contemplate what to eat since DH and I started eating the Nutritarian way.  Now, of course, we are doing the vegetarian thing now, but still trying to use the Nutritarian food pyramid to guide us (see the pyramid at the bottom of this post).  Since we are hosting a get together and not just attending one, we have all the power of the meal planning. This is a good thing since we want to make sure there is plenty of food readily available to us that fits in our lifestyle change.

We are having the following foods:

grilled corn on the cob
grilled veggie skewers (onion, peppers) 
grilled asparagus
fresh fruit salad
fresh green salad
tater tots (mainly for kids)
Mama Peas's Seven Layer Dip with tortilla chips
grilled chicken breasts (for meat eaters)
hamburgers (for meat eaters)
bacon wrapped shrimp (for meat eaters)
brownies and ice cream (for the kids)

 If you are not hosting a soiree but attending one, take at least one dish that you know you will be able to eat according to whatever eating plan you are following.  At any party, choose smallish portions and try to make sure to indulge of any veggie tray or fresh fruit salad available.  Another good idea is to make sure you get some exercise in prior to your party. This will help you in case you do indulge in any excess. And personally, I like to drink a lot of water/iced tea to help keep my tummy full.

Be mindful of your eating, and try your best to make good choices, but also have fun.  Try not to let it be "all about the food."  In our society, where food is a part of almost any celebration, it is hard to do, but if you train yourself with this mindset, your choices will get easier.

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