Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Favorites and Exercise Log

I have two new food favorites this Friday....both are from Trader Joe's.

So DH brought these pretzels home for me the other day, because he knows how much I absolutely love pretzels! I WILL NOT be getting them again however. They were so good that I found myself just wanting to keep eating them, and it was hard to stop myself and take just 1 or 2 servings. They are still a better snack than some things I could choose, but they are dangerous for me. I am trying to avoid excesives snacking anyway, so it's better that I just not have these around. Love them though...<3 p="">

This is another Trader Joe's great find made by DH, multi grain pita chips with sesame seeds. I love to eat them with a salad or with a dip such as hummus. They are equally as delicious as the pretzels.

Exercise Update:
I vowed to exercise every day in February and so far so good. On days when I couldn't get to the gym or was having trouble fitting in a good hour for exercise, I at least tried to do my knee exercises or walk around the block.

I have to remind myself that

A Little of something is better than a lot of nothing.

Exercise Log
Fri 2/1/13 100 waist twists
Sat 2/2/13 walk around the big  block with leg steps on and off of curb
Sun 2/3/13 walk around the block
Mon 2/4/13 stationary bike10 min
Walking 3.5 mph, uphill, 30 min
Running , 5 mph, 2 min,80 side crunches
200 abdominal crunches, karaokes ,waist twists
Tues 2/5/13 biking 30 min, 3.5 miles
Wed 2/6/13  100 waist twists
Thurs. 2/7/13  knee exercises, crunches

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