Saturday, February 16, 2013

Weekly Exercise Log

This past week, I still managed to exercise a little everyday (yay!), however some days, it was just my knee exercises. It is unfortunate that an injury has to derail my exercise plans, but you have to go with what life deals you, and I guess any exercise, even if not super strenuous, is better than no exercise.   I have to remember that I'm still better off than the couch potato not doing any exercise but reaching for the bag of chips. My new goal is to extend my exercise everyday rule to making sure that on days when my knee is not bothering me that I have some form of cardio, not just strengthening exercises....EVERY DAY.

Here's how I ended up last week.  What I need to remember is

Friday 2/8/13   20 minutes yoga

Sat 2/9/13         knee exercises

Sun 2/10/13     knee exercises, 100 waist twists

Mon 2/11/13    knee exercises

Tues 2/12/13    bicycling 10-12 mph 30 min

Wed 2/13/13   abdominal crunches 10 sets-20 reps=200

Thurs 2/14/13 walking 3.5 mph uphill- 30 min…….side crunches-6 sets,20 reps=120…….abdominal crunches-10 sets,20 reps=200

Fri 2/15/13       knee exercises

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