Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Favorites

I take Emergen-C everyday. I don't work for the company, I just love the stuff. Especially now when everyone is getting so sick from the flu and colds. I take one packet everyday, preventatively, and I swear by it. That's not to say it will work for you the same way it works for me, and I am not in any way, shape, or form a health care professional. But I can tell you that since taking it, the last 2 times I have come down with cold symptoms, they lasted just one day and then were gone. I think it's probably a combination of the Emergen-C and good nutrition with a little luck tossed in.  Either way, I swear by the stuff, and there are a lot of different flavors to choose from. Whoile Foods and Sprouts sell the individual packets as well as the multi-packs so you can get a sampling of several flavors to see if you have either a favorite or one you just can't stand.

Especially ones that are in their own easy open/easy close container. My favorite one comes from Kroger/Frys. Turn the lid and you can get single toothpicks out or several at one time. Every time I  get a  regular box of toothpicks they always end up spilled all over my spice cabinet or kitchen shelf. They are a mess and a real pain in the butt to clean up. I have an oven that runs hot, and since I do a lot of baking, toothpicks are an indispensable kitchen tool for me. And everyoine likes toothpicks around for the occasional food-stuck in my tooth moment.

Other people's blogs....
 I love reading other people's stories, recipes, and ideas. I find I learn a lot from others and get good ideas based on things they are doing.  There are some great, not-so-well-known blogs out there that are really worth a read. You just need to find them. Try clicking on readers who leave comments or who are on the blog roll of blogs and sites that you frequent. They are likely to be like minded individuals or at least have similar interests as yourself.

Enjoy your weekend!


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