Thursday, March 21, 2013

Alphabet Soup ( My Alphabet Food Chgallenge)

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So I thought I'd try a new challenge for myself: to try to cook 26 recipes, mine or someone else's,  each focusing on a different letter of the alphabet. I planned to call it Alphabet Soup. Then I decide to search the web for  alphabet challenge to see if there was a challenge  similar to what I wanted to do already going on. There are a lot of them actually...and I thought I was being so innovative!

I decided to join one such alphabet challenge at Brenda Thompson's Meal Planning Magic.  Besides submitting to Brenda's site (if she accepts me), I also will be doing it on my own because I am hoping to get through all the letters of the alphabet by December. Brenda's challenge already started and she does clusters of letters for each month focusing specifically on fruits and vegetables as a main recipe ingredient. I want to do every least that's my goal. So, hopefully, I will start posting an alphabet recipe to her site next month. Until then, I'd like to go ahead and get started, and I may or may not go in exact alphabetical order.

Check back regularly to see what letter of the alphabet is cooking in my kitchen!

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