Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Cow and an Apple Tree

Once when my kiddos were younger, one of them brought home a story about a genie who gave them three wishes. How cute it was that one of the wishes was "I would wish the genie for a cow, because my mom always says she needs a cow." The other two wishes I can't remember, but they were probably very kid oriented. How sweet of my boy to make a wish for me! Indeed, I always used to say that I needed a cow. Now that my boys are older, I could really use one! We go through about a gallon of milk a day between breakfast and dinner, and skim milk is always on my grocery list, even on a pop-in I-just-need -one-thing-list. Anytime I go to the store, I pick up some milk.

Now, apparently, I also need an apple tree. My teenager eat apples like they're going out of style. Yesterday alone, I think he ate 4 or 5 small Granny Smiths. Not that I mind. I'm very happy that his go-to snack is apples, but man, it gets expensive. I make a fresh apple run every few days just to keep up.

Yogurt, Triscuits, and my homemade grain~ola also go quickly in my house.

Growing boys eat a lot, don't cha know! I was not prepared for this since I'm a girl and never really paid much attention to how much my brothers ate as they were growing. I actually think that if I stopped grocery shopping that my local food store would fold...out of business...totally! That would definitely not be good for the economy!


Kristen @ Change of Pace said...

I wish I liked apples like that! I do like them but I have to be in the mood. Tricuits too go quickly in my house and we've already been through 2 big tubs of yogurt this week. My 3 year old requests it right before she goes to bed as a snack.

Shannon said...

I know. it is hard to keep up indeed!