Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Goal : Be a Loser!

So, today is the last day of January and I am determined to have better weight loss in February than I did this past month. I really need to work on burning more calories than I consume, because I know that the key to losing weight should be eating less and moving more. This article from sparkpeople explains this pretty well, I think, so check it out if you’re wondering how to do this.

 To facilitate this better-than-last-month-weight loss, I’m really going to focus on making sure I log my food, water, and exercise every day during the month of February by using the myfitnesspal Ap on my phone.  I plan to keep detailed notes of everything.  I am also going to exercise everyday in February and log it, even if that simply means a walk around the block. I will also vary my exercise routine a little more, including not only activities I do, but also times of day that I do them.   My lofty goal is to lose 5-10 pounds in February. No gain though, that is the most important thing.  What I want my scale to say to me next: Hello Loser!

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