Tuesday, March 8, 2011

30 Healthiest Foods Challenge

So I was hoping to start this challenge on March 1st, but we have been sooooo sick at our house that the delay could not be helped. I am still coughing, but determined to get back into some routine of normal eating. Below is the list of foods reprinted from Carrots 'N' Cake's website. She's got an interesting site, so you should check her out.

Super Foods:



■Whole-Grain Pasta (I had this yesterday...ww spaghetti noodles and sauce)

■Peanut and Nut Butters (This is a must have at my house. When I'm eating vegetarian meals, which is often, it's a good way for me to get in some much needed protein.)

■Oatmeal (I have this ALLthe time...love it!)






■Eggs (These are a staple for me as well.)

■Nonfat Greek Yogurt

■Chicken Breasts

■Wild Salmon


■Kale  (I had this tonight...yummy!)





■Black Beans

■Sweet Potatoes

■Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (I use this often.)



■Kidney Beans

■Oranges (I had a Cara Cara orange today with my lunch...scrumptulescent!)

Spinach (I had this last night in my salad, and it's a main ingredient now in every smoothie I make.)


■Skim Milk  ( I love skim milk and drink it with dinner often.)
I have had other foods on the list as well, but I'm going to be trying some new versions of them.  For example, I would love to try sunflower seed butter. Also, while I love broccoli in anything, I will be trying out a new broccoli soup recipe that my sister swears by.  I will  also be updating my progress on this challenge all throughout this month...and possibly into next month as well.  These challenges are fun for me and it really stretches my food repertoire. Wish me luck!

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