Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific, and You've Got so Much of it...

Six months ago when I last got my hair done, India, the girl who has taken care of my hair needs for nearly 10 years asked me, "What are you doing to your hair?"

At first, I wasn't sure what she meant. I was afraid that my hair was thinning even more on top and that she was going to tell me that I now had a definite bald spot or that it was coming out in clumps or something. Yikes...a nightmare, especially for girls.

Instead, she said, " I don't know what you're doing but your hair is thicker on top than ever before. You've got bunches of new hair follicles growing." 

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy, no pun intended (you'll see why later).

I explained to her that he only thing different was that I combined my already better nutrition with the use of more natural hair car products...Lush hair care products to be exact.

I had been using the Godiva shampoo bar for months. I still use it, and I wash my hair daily. It smells fabulous, has jasmine as its base, and lasts forever.  I had tried several of the conditioners, bars and liquids, and they were all okay, but recently, I found the conditioner for me: Lush's Happy Happy Joy Joy.  It smells like the beach and makes your hair feel soft and luxurious.  It make your hair smell terrific when dry too, much like the old TV commercial for "Gee your hair smells terrific!" 

I have another new favorite product as well that I feel compelled to tell you about. My hands have really been in need of an overhaul. I clean so much and do so many dishes and loads of laundry that they dry out terribly and even crack. After spending time with a lovely, knowledgeable Lush consultant, and after trying a few products, I settled on taking home a jar of Helping Hands Hand Cream. It's got chamomile, cocoa butter and almond in it. It smells great, is non greasy, and best of all, it is helping my sore, chapped hands. Score.

Godiva Shampoo Bar
Best Conditioner Ever!

If you have a Lush store near you, I highly suggest you go in and shop around.  Another reason I love Lush is that I can get samples of things before I buy so I know if I want a particular item or not.  They also have a great return policy.
You can't go wrong with Lush.

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