Friday, April 12, 2013

Whole Foods...Not As Whole As I Thought (a Short Rant)

I saw this story today. For the first time. Not sure how I missed it before. It just makes me angry. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but I really am.

I must admit that while I don't buy a lot at Whole Paycheck, ahem, I mean Whole Foods, I do expect a certain level of authenticity from them. They have supported this idea of selling  natural and whole foods in the past from their advertising to their name itself. I, like others, thought Whole Foods meant only real foods, natural foods, and healthy foods.  I was wrong. And now they are literally jumping into bed with Mansanto. The article says that 2/3 of Whole Foods "natural" processed foods and animal products contain GMOs.  This is not the case for their organic products though which are virtually GMO free.  This is a betrayal, I think to the public at large and to organic food producers. I urge you to read the article. Before this, we were betrayed by our President when he signed the "Mansanto Protection Act" in March giving the industry giant free reign to keep manufacturing GMOs (genetically modified organisms), GE (genetically engineered) seeds, and foods containing them despite the health consequences and concerns associated with such man made crops.  He  betrayed the American people and America's farmers.

The only way of make sure you know what you're eating (short of growing your own fruits and veggies and raising your own animals) is to buy local and from farmer's markets when you can. Strive to get off of processed foods if at all possible. And, keep fighting the good fight for a healthier, more natural based food supply. Get involved and get knowledgeable.

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