Sunday, April 28, 2013

It Was An Honor Just Being Nominated...

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So, I woke up this morning with some new Twitter followers and was surprised. Surprised because I never really  use Twitter except post my new blog entries there, that's it. I joined, as suggested by other respected bloggers as a way to try to increase traffic to my blog. 

I also joined, a community of consumers and other bloggers for the same reason. Today, I realized why I picked up those new Twitter followers. It is because I have been selected as one of the Bloggers of the day on This means that my blog is featured today on the Blogger home page and a "featured blogger badge" on my profile. It doesn't mean a lot except that traffic is flowing, and if by chance someone stops by and likes what they see, then I've connected to one more person successfully. And, I love to meet people, so when new people stop by, especially other bloggers, I get to connect to others and learn from them and see what they are doing. And for me, that is fun.

My blog started for me, just as a way to keep track of my family's journey, and it will continue to be just that. I never want to be a professional blogger by any means, but for me it's a way to write it all down, like one big journal and to keep me accountable to myself and my goals. And if others can enjoy any part of it along the way, then that makes me happy too.

I do appreciate the kudos though from acknowledgements like a featured blog of the day at and the Versatile Blogger Award, and I love hearing comments from my followers as well. I will never get an award for the best blog, or the most well written blog, or the funniest blog, or the most informative blog, and that's fine with me because I don't strive for that. But, these little acknowledgements and comments from readers are like Academy award nominations to me.  I will not win. I don't want to win. But, it was a pleasure just being nominated...

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