Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Adventures in Food

You, know, I've tried many recipes over the years for whole wheat pizza crust but have never been able to make one that I thought tasted worth a darn, even when I've used whole wheat pastry flour.  TJ's wheat pizza dough that I froze into individual servings after baking yesterday is the best I've had. It thawed out beautifully and did not get soggy at all.  Once thawed, I topped it with 1 spoonful of ricotta cheese and about 1/8 c. +  of my tomato sauce.  My toppings this first time were onions, mushrooms, black olives, and green olives.  Then  I finished it with just a bit of Italian cheese blend (It's what I had on hand) and baked it on 400 till hot and melty. Once it cooled, I cut the rectangle piece (reminiscent of the Catholic school cafeteria pizzas of my youth in size and shape) into four pizza strips. Its a mind trick I use, but it makes me think I'm eating more if I cut the whole into smaller pieces. I know it's the same amount, but whatever works to make your mind feel you've had enough, right?

Tonight I am soaking cashews for a portabello pizza recipe that I hope to try for lunch tomorrow. Cashews on pizza?  Not the typical pizza topping, but I'll let you know how it works out. Tomorrow will be a culinary experiment for me. Not only am I trying a new recipe at lunch, but I'm also attempting to feed my family a tofu stir fry recipe for the first time for dinner tomorrow.  I  think my boys will be fine with it if they think it's chicken, so mums the word! One thing for sure: whether we have a yummy in my tummy food day tomorrow or a  mighty fine dinner Ms. Betty day, at least we are trying something new and healthy...and you never know what you are missing if you never choose to take a chance.  Culinary adventure, here we come!

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