Monday, April 18, 2011

One of My Favorite Things...

One of my new favorite things is a set of storage containers that I got at Walmart of all places. They are Better Homes & Garden Flip-Tite containers.  They come in many different sizes including spice size, which is often hard to find, and cereal size, which I don't have yet. I love the way the lid works as it really creates an  "air tight."container.

This has transformed my top pantry shelf where I keep most baking supplies.  This is just the beginning of my pantry reorganization.  Me...organized?  Who'd of thunk it! Check it out.  And, for my Kentucky family and readers, please note the Maker's Mark bottle prominently displayed.  YUM!

1 comment:

Uncle B said...

I thoroughly enjoy containers and good storage.
And, I did see the Maker's and thought, 'Well that already comes in as good a container as any.'