Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spoon Reviews

So I realised after giving the recipes in my previous posts a certain number of spoons, that I never actually gave an explanation of the review standards. Since I undoubtedly will be reviewing more recipes in the coming months, I thought it best to state the standards upon each will be reviewed. I have even gone back to old recipes and spooned them as well.  So here goes it:

5 spoons = Oh  my gosh this was sooooooooooo awesome!  I can't wait to eat this again! It really knocks my socks off!

4 spoons = Great!  Yummy in the tummy...a definite keeper recipe! Will deinitely make again...putting it on our regular rotaion list!

3 spoons = Good. I enjoyed this recipe. I may/may not make it again, or if I do make it I might tweak it a little...

2 spoons = great shakes...will not be making again because it just didn't float my boat!

1 spoon = Yucko!!! Throw away this recipe and don't look back!


Tricia said...

Great way to rate the recipes! "yucko" are funny!

Shannon said...