Saturday, April 30, 2011

End of Month Check In

 Earlier in March, I ran a post on the 30 Healthiest Foods, To date, there are still 4 foods I haven't eaten from the list:  lentils, bulgar, wild salmon, sardines.  The last two, to be honest, I don't plan on eating. I've had bulgar and lentils before, but want to find a new way to eat them. 26 out of 30 is not too shabby, I guess.

Still at only 19 pounds down, but my body is definitely changing. The shorts I finally fit into last week are now loose. I just wish the poundage would go away more quickly.  In a Time Out For Me post from early April, I vowed to schedule my exercise to make sure I do it. I did do this, however, I was probably only 65 % successful. Something I will continue to work on.

Going vegetarian again tomorrow. Should be interesting. Trying to meal plan now which I hate.

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