Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Menu May 2nd-May 8th

We are trying to get rid of some left overs this week so we will all be eating different things. Plus with DH and I going vegetarian and him not eating pasta or most dairy, different meals may just be the way it will be in our house...at least for awhile.  Also, I wanted to share 2 menu planning tools that I use each week. This one  from theprojectgirl.com, I use to plan weekly, though I don't necessarily use the right side except for notes to myself, ideas I get while meal planning, or to plan future meals based on leftovers. This grocery list from familieswithapurpose.com, I fill in and actually take to the grocery with me. Just thought I'd share in case anyone else wants to check these downloads out.

Monday- (k) mac n cheese, green beans, fruit
               (S/V) salad and homemade potato soup

Tuesday - (S/K)  Spaghetti and bread,chicken parmesan(K only), salad
                 (V) lo chili, salad

Wednesday - (K) tomato soup w/ grilled cheese
                      (S/V) Big salad

Thursday - (K) pork chops, broccoli, applesauce, roasted vegetables, rice and beans mixed

Friday - (K) pizza Friday
              (V/S) lentil soup

Saturday- (K) burgers and tots, fruit, veg
                 (S/V) boca burgers and vegetarian beans

Sunday - (V)  Red beans and rice
                (K) baked chicken
                                 - (all)  carrots, lo veg, fruit

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