Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Daily Garnish's Broccoli Soup- Recipe Review

So today, I made broccoli soup from a recipe I got from the The Daily Garnish.  I love broccoli soup, so I was willing to give it a try. You can view the original recipe here.  I left out the onion since I'm not a fan of onion in my broccoli soup, but I LOVED the addition of the nutritional yeast.  Not only did it add protein and give the soup a slightly cheesy flavor, but it was also a thickening agent.   I also did not puree the whole soup because I like some chunkiness to my soup. I'm a texture girl and the texture has to be right for my palate. So,  I only put about half of the soup in my blender.  I mashed what was left in the pot with my potato masher.  I did not care for the color of the soup, and it seemed more grainy than creamy to me, so I added 1 c of skim milk and some salt. It was much better with the milk in my opinion.  I also think it would be better with a little less broccoli or a little more veggie broth so that the soup is not quite so thick. It is a good soup and definitely a recipe you can play with a little to accommodate your own individual taste.  I am giving this  recipe 3 spoons.

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