Sunday, May 22, 2011

Living a Healthy Life 2: Diet, a dirty four letter word.

I've always hated the word "diet." I have never done well, for any length of time following a "diet."  It may have worked well for awhile or till I lost whatever excess weight I wanted, but when I got to my goal, I would go back to some of my crappy eating habits and the weight would once again creep back up. To diet is the problem.

To most people, a diet is temporary. It requires only limited effort (even though it doesn't always feel that way) which is probably why diets are so popular.  I think  many people tend to do only what they have to do to get by, while exerting the least amount of effort possible. I have been there...done that.   Because of this, "diets " are easy; real changes,  "lifestyle changes" are least not at first.  And let's face it, the only way in our fried Twinkies, Ben & Jerry's,  extra value meals, portion blind world to really lose weight and keep it off without having to yo- yo diet is to make permanent changes in our eating and exercise habits.  We have to make choices to facilitate a lifestyle change. That is what I am working towards. I am tired of swaying back and forth like I'm just blowing in the wind. I am taking control and making changes so that I never have to "diet" again. Lifestyle change is where it's at.  it's extremely hard work, but will be worth it, I believe, in the long run.

Just some food for thought...

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