Friday, May 13, 2011

Living a Healthy life 1: Measuring Up

Lots of websites have stories about tips and tricks to help with diet and/or weight loss. None of the tips work for all people since we are all different, but it’s still good to see what works for other people. Trial and error will judge what works best for you. I have decided to do a similar series based solely on what works for me.When I have something to say, I'll write it. If it helps someone else, great; If not, that’s okay too.

Measuring Up: Well, the scale still won’t move past that stubborn 19 pounds mark. My body is definitely rearranging itself though, as I can tell in the way that my clothes are fitting. Since I need a way to measure this change and the evil scale isn’t cutting it, I have resorted to taking measurements of different areas in my body and recording them so that in one month, I can measure again hoping to see a change…not just to feel it. I did this long ago when I was a Curves member and I remember it helping me. I am visual and I need to see the difference. I am also taking photos every 10 pounds down that I get, and hopefully that will help as well. One thing for sure: whether I see the changes in my body or not, I feel them, and not just because my clothes are getting looser. I feel better. I have more energy, and can physically do some things more easily than I could 20 pounds ago. Certain exercises are easier too. I can only imagine that as I lose even more excess baggage, that the physical benefits will only get better. Numbers don't lie, and I need to see numbers. So, I’m giving measuring myself a try.

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