Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Perfect Workout Companion: A Good Playlist.

I am constantly trying to revamp my "Workout" playlist on my IPOD. Music helps me to exercise, because whether I exercise for a short time or a long time, I can get lost in the music. It actually helps make exercise go faster for me.  Of course other people sometimes think I'm crazy because I just can't help but sing some of the songs I'm sweating to...and I am not the best singer.  Exercise, in general, is not my friend. I love the way I feel after I exercise, but I hate to be hot and I detest sweat! Good music even makes sweating a little more bearable for me. I am trying to put together good 15-30-45 and 6o minutes playlists to help me muddle through that which I loathe. Regardless of how long I exercise, two songs are always on my playlists:  Gonna Fly Now (The Rocky Theme song) and Work the Change by Danny Flanigan and the Rain Chorus.  The Rocky Theme is my mid point song on every playlist. it lets me know that I'm halfway finished and to keep on going. Work the Change acts a s a cool down and reminds me I have to work to make changes. Standing still is no option.  Below are just some of the songs I choose to exercise to. Most are fast to make me work harder.

What songs do you like to exercise to?

My Songs

Lady Marmelade
U + Ur Hand
Would I Lie to You?
Rock the Casbah
Radar Love
River Deep, Mountain High
Mr. Brightside
Runnin' Down a Dream
Me Against the Music
Hella Good
Don't Cha
All You Need Is Now
Better Now
Let's Go Crazy
Short Skirt/Long Jacket
      and many more....

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Anonymous said...

Shannon, hope you get this! I love your blog and I am trying some of your recipes. Don't know half of those songs,but,whatever floats your boat. love,Mompasly